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Single Basket Wrought Iron Baluster/Spindle

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Single Basket Wrought Iron Baluster/Spindle is typically used in a pattern with the single twist, double twist, or double basket accordingly. Meanwhile, also you are able to use this product with the versatile series as well as any member of the scroll series to achieve an elegant look.

  • Dimensions 44 inches x 1/2 inch, with a 2-1/2 inch basket
  • Available in Standard Hollow Tubular and Solid
  • Hide the transition from baluster to step with a 1/2 inch base shoe
  • All finishes are a powder-coated which is one of the most wanted surface finishing techniques. It’s a firm, durable finish very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust.

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The Highlight of Hollow Basket Iron Balusters/Spindles

Wrought Iron Balusters/Spindles are on trend. We Primewerks have a large product/design selection – Solid iron, Hollow tube, in 6 finishes and colors. Hammered, S Scroll, Basket, Twist, Forged ball, Knuckle, and Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Tuscan collections, matching shoes etc.


High Quality Balusters/Spindles. Made of a quite sturdy iron that will not flex even though lightweight, and can be combined with other 44 inches length balusters/spindles of different styles as well as baluster shoes that available with the same color options. Iron Balusters – Single or Double Basket – Hollow – 44 inches@ length x 1/2 inch square – Box of 10 pieces (Matte Black). And Solid Single Basket Iron Baluster/Spindle (1/2 inch square) with double twist, and the baluster/Spindle is 44 inches @ length. Available in 6 different powder-coated finishes. All balusters are 44 inches @ length.

As we mentioned several times that now we are also offering balusters/spindles in solid iron or hollow in select colors. Hollow iron balusters/spindles have the same powder-coat finish as the solid one but are lighter weight and easier to cut and offering an economical alternative to the solid iron balusters.

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