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Which kind of material is good for stair railing?

1). Solid wood stair railing, with solid wood to make stair handrail is more common, just as the stair handrail renderings show, this is made of oak stair handrail, looks very generous. In the life at ordinary times, the circumstance that uses solid wood stair armrest is more, for instance oneself small foreign house, villa or the bedroom that is leap level is what can use solid wood stair armrest. Generally speaking, the outdoor stair is not recommended to use the solid wood stair handrail, cannot withstand the wind and rain, easy to dry crack, decay, deformation.Iron Balusters

 2). Glass stair railing, it is very common to make the stair handrail with glass, but the glass stair handrail is generally not used as a household. Glass stair handrails are often used in elevators, as shown in the renderings, which are often used in public places, such as elevator stair handrails in shopping malls. The advantage of making stair handrails with glass is that they make public places fashionable and easy to take care of and clean.

 3). Stainless steel stair railing, presumably, stainless steel stair handrail is everyone has often seen it? Just as this stainless-steel stair handrail is used in public places, such as schools, dormitories, staff buildings, government buildings, and so on. Stainless steel stair handrail has the characteristic of light, long service life, accordingly, stainless steel stair handrail is used to be in public places not only, the steel that home of a lot of people also is used stainless steel stair handrail.

4). Iron stair railing, the stair railing of iron stair material is also more common, iron stair railing is generally used for exotic amorous feelings to build. For instance, European type household environment, use iron stair armrest is very appropriate, be like what the effect on this iron art stair armrest shows us is the bedroom of exotic style to make. Iron art stair armrest is easy modelling, need to be coated with a layer of paint material outside, so just beautiful, but the service life of iron art stair handrail does not have stainless steel stair handrail long.

Post time: Jun-14-2022