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Introduction of the Common Iron Art railing Sparaying Method

Introduction of the common iron art railing spraying method

The color method of iron railing can be roughly divided into color profile extrusion method, composite extrusion method, film coating method and surface bite legal.


 1) Color Profile Extrusion Method. Also known as the whole-body extrusion method. Add the formula for the iron railing and squeeze the color profile directly through the extruder. The advantage is that the finished product is extruded on the original extruder with low cost; the profile weather resistance is poor, difficult to meet the requirements of indoor and outdoor decoration effect. 

2) Composite Co-extrusion. The profile is squeezed by iron railings, plus a layer of color material. Color material, whether iron, requires two extruder hosts (cone bar 60 or 58, single screw 30) to achieve. Composite molds must be used in the production of the profiles. The production process is to aggregate the profiles and colors from two different flow channels into the same mold together before leaving the mold. The characteristics of this method are: in the production process, the need to be equipped with hot and cold mixer or dryer and other equipment, material recovery difficulties, complex production process, high composite film cost, large investment. 

3) Coating Method. The iron railings were heated and mechanically folded and bonded to the surface of the iron railings by pressing a color film and adhesive. Its characteristics are: the production process needs to be conducted on the assembly line, need to choose good quality film and adhesive imported products, high cost; the construction of color film damage cannot be repaired. 

4) Surface Spraying Method. Color paint can be evenly sprayed on the visible surface of the iron rail, can be single-sided spraying, or two-sided spraying. Its characteristics is characterized by various colors, flexible and convenient production and construction.

Post time: Oct-09-2021