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How to remove the rust from the iron railing?


1. Manual rust removal: Using manual tools such as iron paper, scraper, spatula, and wire brush. This method is high labor intensity, low production efficiency, but simple and flexible operation, is still adopted.

2. Mechanical rust removal: Using the impact and friction of mechanical power to remove rust. The most commonly used machinery includes wind brush, rust removal gun, electric brush, electric sand wheel, etc. Small steel parts can be loaded into buckets filled with yellow sand or wood chips and move at a speed of 40-60 rpm. Through collision friction, high production efficiency and good quality rust removal quality, which has been widely used.

3. Injection rust removal: Powered with mechanical centrifugal force or compressed air and high pressure water, spray the abrasive (sand or steel balls) into the workpiece surface at a high speed through a special nozzle, and remove dirt (including damaged old paint skin) and corrosion with its impact force and friction, with high production efficiency and good treatment quality. The sandblasted steel surface is slightly serrated to increase the binding force of the coating and the steel surface. But its roughness must not exceed 1/3 of the coating thickness. Common used sand blasting rust removal methods include dry sand blasting, wet sand blasting, dust-free sand blasting and high pressure water sand blasting.

4. Chemical rust removal: Using acid solution and iron oxides, dissolve and peel the surface rust layer to achieve the purpose of rust removal. So it is also known as “acid washing” and rust prevention. There are many formulations for chemical rust removal, usually a sulfuric acid solution of 7% to 15% (or 5% table salt) is used as an acid rust removal solution. In order to prevent sulfate corrosion of steel, a small amount of corrosion inhibitors such as rodine and thiourea can be added. In addition, it can also use phosphate acid, nitrate acid, hydrochloric acid and so on to make different acid washing and rust removal solution. There are many methods of pickling, usually using impregnated acid washing method, spray pickling method. Besides, acid cream, depending on the specific conditions.

Post time: Dec-21-2021