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Can the iron railings be painted with varnish?

Refurbished iron railings are more suitable for magnetic paint. Magnetic paint is also known as porcelain paint. It is with varnish as the base material, add pigment grind made, coating after drying is magnetic and light color and coated film hard, commonly used phenolic magnetic paint and alcohol acid magnetic paint two categories, suitable for metal window screen grid.


Procedure for renovating the iron railing:

1)  Rust grinding needs to use sand leather paper to polish the rust of the iron rail, and please pay more attention that the grinding must be clean, the rust and the paint is going to fall off must be grinding accordingly.


2)  After the first brush anti-rust paint and grinding clean, the 1st brush is an anti-rust paint and not the first brush paint, only the first brush anti-rust paint can have a very good isolation effect on the oxidation reaction of the iron railings, so that it is not easy to rust.


3)  After the paint, we can brush the surface paint, then the painting must be brushed evenly, so that the paint color can be unified and uniform and not easy to fall off. The finished product protection must be paid more attention, that said, do not touch the paint within the 24 hours, but also there should have the corresponding protection or tips to prevent them inadvertently touch, waiting for 24 hours after the end of the matter.

Post time: Jul-25-2022