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How to prevent iron railings from becoming rusty?

If the iron art guardrail appears rust phenomenon, it can be solved according to the following method:

1). Anti-corrosion paint can be applied to the surface of the fence before use, which can reduce the rust of the fence.

2). Use an acidic liquid when removing rust on the fence surface.

3). Gasoline can also prevent the fence from rust, so gasoline can be selected for maintenance to prevent rust from spreading. Among them, spraying paint and gasoline on the surface is a relatively simple and common method. Sulfur acid corrosion to the skin recommended not to use. However, it is also important to pay attention to the use of paint and gasoline, because the paint and gasoline two liquids are easy to burn, spraying should be isolated from the fire source, to avoid disaster.


The prevention of rust of iron art guardrail:

Iron fencing is generally installed outdoors, so the surface of iron fencing is generally coated with a layer of protective paint. This can be more used in the sun and rain and other evil environment, when choosing the iron art fence, we must carefully check whether its surface is smooth, whether there are scratches and other phenomena.

1). It should be kept dry, installed in ventilated and some places that are not easy to scratch, which can effectively avoid the rust of the iron art fence.

2). When the surface of the iron barrier fence is in dust, you should take a soft brush along the gap, and then wipe it with a wet soft cloth to avoid using the brush to scratch the surface. Because the surface paint layer of the iron art fence rides a layer of protection effect, it can isolate the iron and the oxygen in the air from oxidation, causing rust phenomenon.

3). Iron art railings should regularly remove the dust on the surface layer. It is best to choose the pure cotton fabric cloth, dip it in the gentle detergent, and quietly wipe it.

4). Place the railing in the center of other hard objects that are not often touched, try to prevent external bumps, and can not be hit with the hard material, which will make the paint shell and chrome plating layer scattered.

5). In order to avoid metal rust, you can regularly dip cotton cloth in a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil to wipe the surface parts, and adhere to the iron railings as bright as new. Three, if the iron art fence rust is serious and can not continue to use, it needs to be replaced

Post time: Aug-05-2022